Highridge United Football Club

Highridge United FC - Season 2018/2019

Below are details of how the individual teams performed during the 2018/2019 season:

Adult Teams - 2018/2019 Season

1st Team

In the 2018/2019 season the 1st Team are competing in the Bristol Premier Combination Premier Division. Please follow the link above for full details

In the 2018/2019 season the Reserves are competing in the Bristol & District Division 2. Please follow the link above for full details
3rd Team

In the 2018/2019 season the 3rd Team are competing in the Bristol & District Division 5. Please follow the link above for full details

Competition Summary - 2018/2019 Season

CompetitionFinishing Position
Bristol Premier Combination Premier DivisionFinished 4th (1st Team)
Bristol & District Division 2Not Currently held!
Bristol & District Division 5Finished 2nd (3rd Team)
Bristol Premier Combination CupKnocked out in the 1st Round (1st Team)
Somerset Senior CupReached the 2nd Round (1st Team)
Somerset Intermediate CupReached the 3rd Round (3rd Team)

Season Overview

Top Scorer Lee Pitman (28 goals).
Most Appearances Jack Godfrey
(24 appearances).

Players - 2018/2019 Season

Club Awards - 2018/2019 Season

No details currently held!

2018/2019 Season Photos

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Fixtures & Results - 2018/2019 Season

01-09-18Bradley Stoke Res1 - 4Highridge ResLeagueReport
01-09-18Draycott 1st2 - 4Highridge 1st TeamSomerset Senior CupReport
04-09-18Frampton0 - 2Highridge ResLeagueReport
04-09-18Highridge 1st Team2 - 0Boco ResLeagueReport
05-09-18Highridge Vikings3 - 1AFC GraceLeagueReport
08-09-18Highridge Vikings3 - 3Hanham AbbsLeagueReport
08-09-18Highridge Res2 - 1Westonzoyland 1stSomerset Junior CupReport
08-09-18Lebeq4 - 6Highridge 1st TeamLeagueReport
15-09-18Highridge Res6 - 1Zimba FirstLeagueReport
15-09-18Cribbs FL Res3 - 2Highridge 1st TeamLeagueReport
15-09-18Oldland A1 - 0Highridge VikingsLeagueReport
22-09-18Iron Acton Res2 - 2Highridge ResLeagueReport
22-09-18Sea Mills Park5 - 1Highridge 1st TeamLeagueReport
29-09-18Highridge 1st Team0 - 5Shaftesbury Prem Combination CupReport
29-09-18Highridge Vikings3 - 3Winterbourne ResLeagueReport
06-10-18Highridge Res3 - 2Olveston ResLeagueReport
06-10-18Highridge 1st Team1 - 3ChilcomptonSomerset Senior CupReport
06-10-18Greyfriars Ath B1 - 6Highridge VikingsLeagueReport
13-10-18Highridge 1st Team3 - 2Chipping Sodbury ResLeagueReport
13-10-18Highridge Res2 - 2Ashcott 1st TeamSomerset Junior Cup
13-10-18Hanham Ath A0 - 2Highridge VikingsLeagueReport
20-10-18Totterdown3 - 4Highridge 1st TeamLeagueReport
20-10-18Wessex First1 - 5Highridge VikingsSomerset Intermediate CupReport
27-10-18Highridge Res1 - 2HartcliffeLeagueReport
03-11-18Hallen Res2 - 8Highridge 1st TeamLeagueReport
03-11-18Lawrence Rovers Res0 - 1Highridge ResLeagueReport
03-11-18Made For Ever Res1 - 4Highridge VikingsLeagueReport
10-11-18Hambrook Res0 - 1Highridge ResLeagueReport
10-11-18Frys Club C0 - 0Highridge VikingsLeagueReport
10-11-18Seymour United 3 - 3Highridge 1st TeamLeagueReport
17-11-18Sea Mills Res0 - 2Highridge ResLeagueReport
17-11-18Highridge 1st Team5 - 2LebeqLeagueReport
17-11-18Highridge Vikings1 - 5FC CastlemoatSomerset Intermediate CupReport
24-11-18Highridge Res2 - 1TormartonLeagueReport
24-11-18Highridge Vikings1 - 0Frys Club CLeagueReport
08-12-18Highridge Res3 - 0Iron Acton ResLeagueReport
08-12-18Winterbourne Res3 - 1Highridge VikingsLeagueReport
08-12-18Olveston2 - 3Highridge 1st TeamLeagueReport
15-12-18Highridge Vikings - The Phoenix FCLeagueDetails
15-12-18Chipping Sodbury A1 - 2Highridge ResLeagueReport
05-01-19Westerleigh Res0 - 7Highridge VikingsLeagueReport
05-01-19Highridge 1st Team1 - 2Long Green ResLeagueReport
12-01-19Olveston Res0 - 2Highridge ResLeagueReport
12-01-19Highridge Vikings5 - 1Greyfriars Ath BLeagueReport
12-01-19Highridge 1st Team5 - 2Hallen ResLeagueReport
19-01-19The Phoenix FC3 - 1Highridge VikingsLeagueReport
19-01-19Highridge Res3 - 2Chipping Sodbury ALeagueReport
19-01-19Shaftesbury 0 - 4Highridge 1st TeamLeagueReport
26-01-19Highridge Vikings3 - 1Seymour ALeagueReport
26-01-19Highridge 1st Team3 - 1TotterdownLeagueReport
16-02-19Seymour A0 - 4Highridge VikingsLeagueReport
16-02-19Highridge 1st Team2 - 2Seymour United LeagueReport
16-02-19Highridge Res - Hambrook ResLeagueDetails
23-02-19Highridge Res7 - 2FramptonLeagueReport
23-02-19Long Green Res4 - 3Highridge 1st TeamLeagueReport
23-02-19Highridge Vikings - Westerleigh ResLeagueDetails
02-03-19Highridge 1st Team3 - 3Sea Mills ParkLeagueReport
02-03-19Hanham Abbs1 - 2Highridge VikingsLeagueReport
02-03-19Tormarton1 - 0Highridge ResLeagueReport
09-03-19Rangeworthy - Highridge ResLeagueDetails
16-03-19AFC Grace0 - 6Highridge VikingsLeagueReport
23-03-19Highridge Res3 - 1Bradley Stoke ResLeagueReport
30-03-19Highridge 1st Team1 - 1OlvestonLeagueReport
06-04-19Highridge Vikings - Made For Ever ResLeagueDetails
06-04-19Highridge 1st Team - Stapleton AFCLeagueDetails
09-04-19Chipping Sodbury Res - Highridge 1st TeamLeagueDetails
13-04-19Highridge Res - Sea Mills ResLeagueDetails
13-04-19Highridge Vikings3 - 0Oldland ALeagueReport
17-04-19Highridge 1st Team - Cribbs FL ResLeagueDetails
20-04-19Highridge 1st Team - Shaftesbury LeagueDetails
20-04-19Highridge Vikings6 - 3Hanham Ath ALeagueReport
23-04-19Highridge Res - Lawrence Rovers ResLeagueDetails
24-04-19Boco Res - Highridge 1st TeamLeagueDetails
27-04-19Stapleton AFC - Highridge 1st TeamLeagueDetails
27-04-19Highridge Res - RangeworthyLeagueDetails
04-05-19Hartcliffe - Highridge ResLeagueDetails