Highridge United Football Club

Highridge United FC - Season 2003/2004

Season 2003-04 ended with the First Team finishing fifth in The Gloucestershire County League. It could so easily have been a lot better if they were more consistent but thatís the great mystery of football. The Reserves stayed in the Premier Division of The Bristol Premier Combination League through default and a late surge kept the Vikings up.

Adult Teams - 2003/2004 Season

1st Team

In the 2003/2004 season the 1st Team finished 5th in the Gloucestershire County League. Please follow the link above for full details

In the 2003/2004 season the Reserves finished 13th in the Bristol Premier Combination Premier Division. Please follow the link above for full details
3rd Team

In the 2003/2004 season the 3rd Team finished 12th in the Bristol & District Division 1. Please follow the link above for full details

Competition Summary - 2003/2004 Season

CompetitionFinishing Position
Gloucestershire County LeagueFinished 5th (1st Team)
Bristol Premier Combination Premier DivisionFinished 13th (Reserves)
Bristol & District Division 1Finished 12th (3rd Team)
Gloucestershire FA TrophyReached the 2nd Round (1st Team)
Gloucestershire County CupReached the 2nd Round (1st Team)
Bristol Premier Combination CupReached the 2nd Round (Reserves)
Gloucestershire FA Senior Amateur CupCup Quarter Finalists (Reserves)

Season Overview

Top Scorer Nicholas Pratten (14 goals).
Most Appearances Jon Berry
(12 appearances).

Players - 2003/2004 Season

Club Awards - 2003/2004 Season

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2003/2004 Season Photos

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Fixtures & Results - 2003/2004 Season

16-08-03Highridge 1st Team4 - 1V St SwithinsLeagueReport
20-08-03Tytherington R2 - 3Highridge 1st TeamLeagueReport
23-08-03Highridge 1st Team0 - 2ThornburyLeagueReport
30-08-03Highridge 1st Team1 - 0Roman GlassCounty CupReport
03-09-03Highridge Res1 - 5Sea Mills ParkLeagueReport
06-09-03Highridge Vikings1 - 1Stockwood BLeagueReport
06-09-03Rangeworthy2 - 0Highridge ResLeagueReport
06-09-03Highridge 1st Team1 - 1Wotton RoversLeagueReport
13-09-03Ellwood1 - 4Highridge 1st TeamLeagueReport
13-09-03Bitton A2 - 0Highridge VikingsLeagueReport
13-09-03Highridge Res0 - 3RMC WickLeagueReport
20-09-03Highridge Res3 - 2BocoPrem Combination CupReport
20-09-03Highridge 1st Team4 - 1HenburyLeagueReport
27-09-03Sea Mills Res5 - 3Highridge VikingsLeagueReport
27-09-03Highridge Res2 - 1HillfieldsLeagueReport
27-09-03Highridge 1st Team1 - 0HardwickeLeagueReport
04-10-03Highridge Res3 - 1St. Philips MarshGloucs Senior CupReport
04-10-03Highridge 1st Team1 - 3Roman GlassLeagueReport
11-10-03Highridge Vikings2 - 2Hartcliffe CCGloucs Junior CupReport
11-10-03Nicholas Wanderers1 - 1Highridge ResLeagueReport
11-10-03Highridge 1st Team1 - 1Old GeorgiansLeagueReport
18-10-03Bitton Res1 - 0Highridge ResLeagueReport
18-10-03Patchway0 - 2Highridge 1st TeamLeagueReport
25-10-03Bristol Union3 - 3Highridge ResLeagueReport
25-10-03Highridge Vikings2 - 2Talbot KnowleLeagueReport
01-11-03Highridge Res3 - 1TotterdownGloucs Senior CupReport
01-11-03Sea Mills Res0 - 1Highridge VikingsGloucs Junior CupReport
01-11-03Pucklechurch2 - 1Highridge 1st TeamLeagueReport
04-11-03Almondsbury1 - 0Highridge 1st TeamGloucestershire FA TrophyReport
08-11-03Highridge 1st Team1 - 1Kings StanleyLeagueReport
08-11-03Highridge Vikings2 - 2Made for EverLeagueReport
08-11-03Shaftesbury 4 - 1Highridge ResLeagueReport
15-11-03Highridge Res1 - 4HambrookLeagueReport
15-11-03Eden Grove2 - 0Highridge VikingsLeagueReport
15-11-03Old Georgians2 - 3Highridge 1st TeamLeagueReport
22-11-03Hartcliffe1 - 1Highridge ResLeagueReport
22-11-03Highridge Vikings3 - 6Hartcliffe CCLeagueReport
22-11-03Highridge 1st Team0 - 1TavernersLeagueReport
06-12-03Highridge 1st Team3 - 2AlmondsburyLeagueReport
06-12-03Ashton Utd0 - 3Highridge ResGloucs Senior CupReport
13-12-03AXA1 - 1Highridge 1st TeamLeagueReport
13-12-03Henbury Res3 - 1Highridge ResPrem Combination CupReport
20-12-03Highridge 1st Team4 - 0DRG StapletonLeagueReport
27-12-03Highridge 1st Team1 - 1Tytherington RCounty CupReport
27-12-03Highridge Vikings6 - 1Hillfields OB ResLeagueReport
03-01-04Almondsbury3 - 0Highridge 1st TeamLeagueReport
03-01-04Highridge Res0 - 1Iron ActonGloucs Senior CupReport
10-01-04Highridge 1st Team1 - 3EllwoodLeagueReport
10-01-04Highridge Vikings2 - 2Bitton ALeagueReport
17-01-04Highridge Res0 - 5Longwell GreenLeagueReport
17-01-04Lawrence Rov2 - 1Highridge VikingsLeagueReport
17-01-04Wotton Rovers1 - 2Highridge 1st TeamLeagueReport
24-01-04Highridge Vikings0 - 1Sea Mills ResLeagueReport
24-01-04Hillfields2 - 2Highridge ResLeagueReport
07-02-04Highridge Res2 - 0Nicholas WanderersLeagueReport
14-02-04Staunton Rgrs1 - 3Highridge VikingsLeagueReport
14-02-04Highridge 1st Team2 - 2PatchwayLeagueReport
21-02-04Talbot Knowle3 - 2Highridge VikingsLeagueReport
21-02-04Highridge Res2 - 1Bristol UnionLeagueReport
21-02-04Highridge 1st Team0 - 0ThornburyLeagueReport
28-02-04Sea Mills Park1 - 0Highridge ResLeagueReport
06-03-04Hardwicke2 - 0Highridge 1st TeamLeagueReport
06-03-04Highridge Res2 - 1Shaftesbury LeagueReport
13-03-04Highridge Vikings0 - 1Eden GroveLeagueReport
13-03-04Hambrook5 - 1Highridge ResLeagueReport
13-03-04V St Swithins2 - 2Highridge 1st TeamLeagueReport
16-03-04Bitton Res1 - 1Highridge ResLeagueReport
20-03-04Highridge Res1 - 0HartcliffeLeagueReport
27-03-04Highridge Vikings1 - 2Staunton RgrsLeagueReport
27-03-04Highridge 1st Team3 - 0AXALeagueReport
27-03-04Hallen Res1 - 0Highridge ResLeagueReport
03-04-04DRG Stapleton0 - 2Highridge 1st TeamLeagueReport
03-04-04Longwell Green3 - 0Highridge ResLeagueReport
03-04-04Highridge Vikings1 - 0FM SportsLeagueReport
06-04-04Hillfields OB Res1 - 3Highridge VikingsLeagueReport
10-04-04Highridge 1st Team2 - 2Totterdown POBLeagueReport
10-04-04Highridge Vikings0 - 1Hanham Ath ResLeagueReport
13-04-04Highridge Vikings3 - 1Lawrence RovLeagueReport
14-04-04Henbury0 - 2Highridge 1st TeamLeagueReport
15-04-04Hanham Athletic3 - 1Highridge ResLeagueReport
17-04-04Kings Stanley1 - 1Highridge 1st TeamLeagueReport
17-04-04Highridge Vikings2 - 2Westerleigh LeagueReport
20-04-04FM Sports3 - 2Highridge VikingsLeagueReport
20-04-04Highridge Res1 - 0Hallen ResLeagueReport
21-04-04Roman Glass4 - 3Highridge 1st TeamLeagueReport
24-04-04Hanham Ath Res0 - 2Highridge VikingsLeagueReport
24-04-04Taverners2 - 1Highridge 1st TeamLeagueReport
24-04-04Highridge Res0 - 2RangeworthyLeagueReport
27-04-04Totterdown POB1 - 1Highridge 1st TeamLeagueReport
27-04-04Stockwood B2 - 6Highridge VikingsLeagueReport
28-04-04RMC Wick2 - 0Highridge ResLeagueReport
29-04-04Hartcliffe CC4 - 2Highridge VikingsLeagueReport
01-05-04Highridge 1st Team3 - 0PucklechurchLeagueReport
01-05-04Westerleigh 3 - 7Highridge VikingsLeagueReport
03-05-04Highridge 1st Team2 - 4Tytherington RLeagueReport
04-05-04Hanham Athletic5 - 2Highridge ResLeagueReport
05-05-04Made for Ever3 - 0Highridge VikingsLeagueReport