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2017/2018 Reserves

The Reserves Page for the 2017/2018 season is now up and running.

2017/2018 1st Team

The 1st Team Page for the 2017/2018 season is now up and running.

2016/2017 3rd Team

The 3rd team Page for the 2016/2017 season is now up and running.

2016/2017 Reserves

The Reserves Page for the 2016/2017 season is now up and running.

2016/2017 1st Team

The 1st Team Page for the 2016/2017 season is now up and running.

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1st Team

Highridge Utd 1st Team
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Highridge Utd 1st Team
Next fixture will be displayed soon

3rd Team

Highridge Utd 1st Team
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Highridge Utd
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Highridge United FC - Player Profiles

Welcome to the Highridge United Football Club Players' Homepage.

Below are the players who are representing the club during the 2017/2018 season and also details of the players who have represented the club in the recent past.

Current Players - 2017/2018 Season
All Players
PlayerAgePositionAppearancesGoalsPlayer Profile
Owen Amesbury150Profile
Gary AmosMid11Profile
Jason Ashmead32Profile
John Bale177Profile
Timothy Banks10Profile
Tony Barry20Profile
Joseph Batchelor70Profile
Gary BealeCF154Profile
Jack Bennett110Profile
Matt BennettMid10Profile
Gary BennettAtt3724Profile
Daniel Benney30Profile
Jake Benney20Profile
Michael BerryMid8028Profile
Jon BerryMid13340Profile
Connor Biggins31Profile
Carl BinnsDef11Profile
Lucas Blackmore50Profile
Matt BlammonAtt2124Profile
Chris Blammon140Profile
Ross Bowman94Profile
Harry Bradford53Profile
Alan Brain310Profile
Shaun BridgesDef231Profile
Beau BridgesGK891Profile
Ricky Briggs4821Profile
Wesley Briggs41Profile
Paul BrimbleDef50Profile
Dale BrineMid11916Profile
Andrew BrineMid10Profile
Greg Britton43Profile
Sam Brookman10Profile
Duane Brunsdon10Profile
Paul BryantDef100Profile
Russell BryantDef341Profile
Otis Buxton265Profile
Mitchell Carey21Profile
Kevin Caton20Profile
Luke Chapman10Profile
Ross ChickAtt12Profile
David Chinnock11Profile
Chris Churchill71Profile
Ian Clapp21Profile
Lewis Clapp131Profile
Jack Clark375Profile
Daniel Clark391Profile
Tom ClarkMid354Profile
Nathan ClarkMid66Profile
Liam Clark10Profile
Sam Clifford90Profile
Jason Cocking81Profile
Ed CockleMid612Profile
Andrew Cogzell140Profile
Anthony Cole10Profile
Sam Coles92Profile
Robert Cook10Profile
Ben Cornish140Profile
Paul Cox20Profile
Jack CoyneMid588Profile
Russell CrewGK40Profile
Paul CrewMid20Profile
Aaron Curry50Profile
Ashley Curry130Profile
Gary DaddsAtt6415Profile
Billy Darrington10Profile
George Davey252Profile
Darus Davey303Profile
Josh DempseyGK160Profile
Tom Denmead140Profile
Jason DensleyMid182Profile
Chris Devey60Profile
Jack Dicker131Profile
Frankie DicksDef80Profile
Macauley Doherty70Profile
William Dorrington21Profile
Stephen DowlingAtt6725Profile
Bradley Dunn80Profile
Lewis Dunn378Profile
James Dunn10Profile
Antony Dunn201Profile
Ricky Earrey242Profile
Ryan Earrey325Profile
Craig EddyAtt3512Profile
Jordon Edwards3014Profile
Jed Ellis110Profile
Louis Elson231Profile
Daniel ElsonAtt6927Profile
Brandon Elvin30Profile
Jordan Farrell244Profile
Grant FarrellMid11716Profile
Frank Feltham80Profile
Charlie Feltham222Profile
Jehrome FernandizAtt31Profile
George Ford432Profile
Shaun Ford90Profile
Jack Ford60Profile
Jake Fudge10Profile
Dave Garrod140Profile
Jamie GazzardAtt369Profile
Dean Gingell5734Profile
Ben GoddardDef662Profile
Jason Godfrey40Profile
Shaun Gould80Profile
Nick GouldMid443Profile
Adam Gregory121Profile
Scott Gribble10Profile
Mark Griffin10Profile
Richard GriffithsAtt3629Profile
Darren Grimshaw30Profile
Stuart HallAtt20Profile
Gary Hancock20Profile
Lee HancockMid385Profile
Neil Hanson10Profile
Steven Harrington10Profile
Reece Harris10Profile
Michael HarrisGK81Profile
Karl HasellGK30Profile
Ben HayesMid31Profile
Jordan Haylock50Profile
Jeffrey HazellDef212Profile
Sam Hemmings271Profile
Rhys HickeryAtt30Profile
Jake Hill10Profile
John Hill241Profile
Harry HockingMid10811Profile
Paul Holbrook280Profile
Chris Holley190Profile
Jack HowellDef731Profile
Myles Hudd232Profile
Kyran Hunt71Profile
Keith Jacobs10Profile
Cameron Jacobs101Profile
Van Jarrett202Profile
Michael JenkinsAtt14274Profile
Richard JenkinsGK1131Profile
Peter Jones10Profile
Brad Joseph142Profile
Terry KeaneMid223Profile
Eugene Keary41Profile
Jon KemeryDef100Profile
Mike Kennedy70Profile
Trey KimminsDef320Profile
Albert Kirk463Profile
Craig Knight20Profile
Jack Knight70Profile
Ashley Lawrence3616Profile
Ben Lea30Profile
Nicolas Lee10Profile
Hadyn Leigh5515Profile
Byron Leigh126Profile
James LeslieDef91Profile
Scott Lewis10Profile
Wesley Lewis10Profile
Craig LiddellMid6613Profile
Mark LiddellMid130Profile
Wayne Limbourne30Profile
George Lindley20Profile
Daniel Lock455Profile
Scott LovellMid82Profile
Jay LucasMid301Profile
Rob Lucas10Profile
Dean MaggsCF1512Profile
Adam Mann55Profile
Sam Marks40Profile
Ashley MarrDef423Profile
Wayne Marshall10Profile
Jack Marshall131Profile
Sam Martin60Profile
Michael Massiah246Profile
Nicky MayDef182Profile
Patrick McCarthyMid4620Profile
Tyrone McNeeleyAtt534Profile
Josh McQuaid20Profile
Ricky Messiah133Profile
Steve MilesMid156Profile
James Miles140Profile
Harry Milkins152Profile
Joe Mitchell60Profile
Lee MoggMid20Profile
Shaun Nelmes160Profile
Mark Nicholls20Profile
Jordan Nicholls70Profile
Lee NicholsDef6413Profile
Tom Nipper70Profile
Tyson Nott60Profile
John Nutland270Profile
James O'NeillDef224Profile
James ONeill3714Profile
Cameron Orr292Profile
Joe Parsons349Profile
David Payne70Profile
Anthony Peacock20Profile
Dale PeckhamDef285Profile
Tom Perry157Profile
Christian PhelpsAtt33Profile
Steve PhillipsDef1621Profile
Brad PhillipsMid140Profile
Luke Picton2516Profile
Darren PoolAtt204Profile
James Pool20Profile
Ashley Pope70Profile
Nicholas PrattenAtt1915Profile
Phil Preece11Profile
Tom Press60Profile
Ben Priddis22Profile
Jordan Pugsley20Profile
Keaton Pullen10Profile
Kane Pullin180Profile
Thomas Reading142Profile
John Reece130Profile
Jack Rees5912Profile
Billy Rees674Profile
Joe ReevesAtt6729Profile
Nathan Rendall264Profile
Lee RendallMid355Profile
Nick Reynolds230Profile
Mark Reynolds3530Profile
Joe RichDef60Profile
Ben RickwoodMid4612Profile
Sam Riddiford102Profile
Jack RiddifordMid396Profile
Jon RocheDef90Profile
Pierce Rogerson90Profile
Xavier RosMid30Profile
Byron Rowland-Smith10Profile
Lewis Rudge3035Profile
Darryl SaundersDef101Profile
Marcus Saunders70Profile
Lee Scadding99Profile
Craig Scott10Profile
Paul Jon Seager280Profile
Dale Seager243Profile
Aaron Selby2117Profile
Levi Senior10Profile
Steve Shepherd62Profile
Brendon Sheppard900Profile
Scott Sheridan913Profile
David Sims140Profile
Jack Smallman50Profile
Stephen Smart191Profile
Nick SnowAtt7313Profile
Lee Spencer342Profile
Craig Sperring180Profile
Russell Spicer10Profile
Phil Sposito545Profile
Stephen SpositoGK40Profile
Andy SpositoDef130Profile
Jack Steeds101Profile
Lee Stevens292Profile
Daniel Stockford30Profile
Bob SullivanGK40Profile
Alex SullyDef182Profile
George Swift10Profile
Andy TalbotDef411Profile
Rees Tamlin20Profile
Elton Taylor30Profile
Kevin TaylorAtt6841Profile
Archie Taylor40Profile
Thomas Taynton10Profile
Joe TemplarDef30Profile
Jack Thompson210Profile
Harry Thorne391Profile
Ashley Tomes80Profile
Ryan Toogood45Profile
Will Torrington61Profile
Nick TownleyMid7117Profile
Ben TrickeyDef15110Profile
Michael TroughtDef141Profile
Paul TuckerDef21Profile
Paul Uppington243Profile
Liam Villis42Profile
Asa Viney121Profile
Gary WarrenDef234Profile
Paul WarringtonMid32Profile
Tyler Welch10Profile
Aaron WestMid244Profile
Callum Wheeler80Profile
Chris White40Profile
Andy WhiteDef111Profile
Sam WilliamsDef600Profile
Rob Wilshire201Profile
Stuart WilsonMid6621Profile
Tom WindowsDef643Profile
Adam WinstoneAtt3618Profile
Paul Wright11Profile
Sam Wright549Profile
Shaun Young180Profile
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All Time Top Scorers
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