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Reserves - 2012/2013 Season

Reserves - 2012/2013 Season

In the 2012/2013 season the Reserves finished 7th in the Bristol & District Division 5. Please see below for Fixtures, League Table and Player Stats for this season:

Competition Information

CompetitionFinishing Position
Bristol & District Division 5Finished 7th
Gloucestershire FA Minor CupKnocked out in the 1st Round

Season Overview

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Last Result 27-Apr-2013
Lost 3 - 1 v Warmley Saints Res
Top Scorer Nathan Clark (6 goals).
Most Appearances Ben Trickey
(10 appearances).

Final League Table

1Old Sodbury Res2221017863
2Westerleigh 2219036957
3Fishponds Ath2214262844
4Bendix Res221219-1237
5Frys Club B2210210-232
6Greyfriars A229112-3228
7Highridge Res228311227
8Crosscourt Res228311127
9Warmley Saints Res228311-1627
10Iron Acton A226115-3719
11Oldland A226115-1516
12Seymour A222119-647

Reserves Fixtures & Results - 2012/2013 Season

01-09-12Highridge Res2 - 3Warmley Saints ResLeagueReport
05-09-12Highridge Res3 - 1Oldland ALeagueReport
13-09-12Highridge Res1 - 1Crosscourt ResLeagueReport
15-09-12Highridge Res4 - 6Old Sodbury ResLeagueReport
22-09-12Warmley Saints Res1 - 0Highridge ResGloucs Minor CupReport
29-09-12Westerleigh 3 - 2Highridge ResLeagueReport
06-10-12Greyfriars A2 - 6Highridge ResLeagueReport
13-10-12Highridge Res7 - 1Frys Club BLeagueReport
27-10-12Highridge Res3 - 1Seymour ALeagueReport
10-11-12Highridge Res1 - 1Fishponds AthLeagueReport
08-12-12Oldland A3 - 4Highridge ResLeagueReport
15-12-12Highridge Res - Hartcliffe ResLeague
05-01-13Highridge Res3 - 4Iron Acton ALeagueReport
12-01-13Old Sodbury Res3 - 2Highridge ResLeagueReport
02-02-13Highridge Res2 - 1Greyfriars ALeagueReport
09-02-13Frys Club B0 - 2Highridge ResLeagueReport
23-02-13Bendix Res3 - 2Highridge ResLeagueReport
09-03-13Fishponds Ath2 - 0Highridge ResLeagueReport
10-04-13Crosscourt Res2 - 2Highridge ResLeagueReport
17-04-13Seymour A0 - 2Highridge ResLeagueReport
20-04-13Highridge Res2 - 3Bendix ResLeagueReport
24-04-13Highridge Res0 - 5Westerleigh LeagueReport
27-04-13Warmley Saints Res3 - 1Highridge ResLeagueReport

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