Highridge United Football Club

Jay Lucas - Career Games Played

Below are the games that Jay Lucas has played in during his time with the club

DateTeamFixtureResultGoals ScoredMatch Link
04-Sep-20101st TeamAway vs Brimsham GreenW 3-21Link
07-Sep-20101st TeamHome vs OlvestonW 2-1Link
18-Sep-20101st TeamAway vs OlvestonW 2-1Link
02-Oct-20101st TeamAway vs Henbury ResL 3-2Link
06-Nov-20101st TeamAway vs TotterdownL 3-0Link
13-Nov-20101st TeamHome vs Oldland ReservesL 2-1Link
15-Jan-20111st TeamHome vs Winterbourne ResL 3-2Link
22-Jan-20111st TeamAway vs OlvestonL 2-1Link
29-Jan-20111st TeamHome vs Long Green ResL 5-0Link
05-Feb-20111st TeamAway vs Fishponds AthL 2-1Link
12-Feb-20111st TeamHome vs Patchway ReservesL 2-0Link
26-Feb-20111st TeamAway vs GreyfriarsW 6-4Link
05-Mar-20111st TeamAway vs FramptonD 0-0Link
19-Mar-20111st TeamAway vs Oldland ReservesL 4-1Link
26-Mar-20111st TeamHome vs FramptonW 1-0Link
03-Sep-20111st TeamAway vs GreyfriarsL 2-1Link
15-Sep-20111st TeamAway vs Old SodburyL 3-1Link
12-Nov-20111st TeamHome vs Shaftesbury W 3-0Link
19-Nov-20111st TeamHome vs Patchway ReservesW 5-1Link
14-Jan-20121st TeamAway vs OlvestonW 1-0Link
15-Feb-20121st TeamAway vs Manor FarmL 4-0Link
18-Feb-20121st TeamAway vs Mendip UtdW 2-1Link
10-Mar-20121st TeamHome vs Oldland ReservesW 3-1Link
17-Mar-20121st TeamAway vs Shaftesbury W 1-0Link
31-Mar-20121st TeamAway vs Henbury ResL 3-2Link
10-Apr-20121st TeamHome vs GreyfriarsD 1-1Link
14-Apr-20121st TeamAway vs Brimsham GreenW 3-2Link
17-Apr-20121st TeamAway vs Seymour United L 2-1Link
21-Apr-20121st TeamAway vs FramptonD 3-3Link
24-Apr-20121st TeamNeutral vs Bristol TelephonesW 1-0Link

Summary - Games Played by Jay Lucas

The team record in respect of the games that Jay Lucas has played in is as below:

PlayedWinsDrawsDefeatsWin %