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Michael Jenkins - Career Games Played

Below are the games that Michael Jenkins has played in during his time with the club

DateTeamFixtureResultGoals ScoredMatch Link
14-Aug-20041st TeamHome vs Kings StanleyL 4-3Link
17-Aug-20041st TeamHome vs HenburyD 1-11Link
21-Aug-20041st TeamHome vs Roman GlassD 0-0Link
24-Aug-20041st TeamHome vs PucklechurchD 2-2Link
28-Aug-20041st TeamAway vs V St SwithinsW 5-23Link
04-Sep-20041st TeamHome vs Longwell GreenW 3-1Link
11-Sep-20041st TeamAway vs PatchwayW 1-01Link
18-Sep-20041st TeamHome vs TavernersW 4-0Link
25-Sep-20041st TeamAway vs DRG StapletonW 4-22Link
02-Oct-20041st TeamAway vs Old GeorgiansW 6-11Link
09-Oct-20041st TeamAway vs Kings StanleyW 2-0Link
16-Oct-20041st TeamHome vs HardwickeW 2-1Link
30-Oct-20041st TeamHome vs EllwoodW 2-0Link
06-Nov-20041st TeamHome vs Wotton RoversW 2-1Link
13-Nov-20041st TeamHome vs ThornburyW 1-01Link
20-Nov-20041st TeamAway vs Roman GlassL 2-0Link
04-Dec-20041st TeamHome vs TavernersL 1-0Link
18-Dec-20041st TeamAway vs PucklechurchW 4-01Link
01-Jan-20051st TeamAway vs AXAD 0-0Link
15-Jan-20051st TeamHome vs PatchwayW 2-01Link
22-Jan-20051st TeamHome vs ThornburyD 1-1Link
29-Jan-20051st TeamHome vs DRG StapletonW 4-02Link
05-Feb-20051st TeamAway vs Totterdown POBW 6-22Link
12-Feb-20051st TeamHome vs V St SwithinsW 8-13Link
19-Feb-20051st TeamAway vs TavernersW 4-0Link
26-Feb-20051st TeamAway vs Yate Town ResD 2-21Link
05-Mar-2005ReservesAway vs Bitton ResL 2-11Link
12-Mar-20051st TeamHome vs Yate Town ResW 3-12Link
26-Mar-20051st TeamHome vs Old GeorgiansW 4-02Link
02-Apr-20051st TeamHome vs AXAW 4-11Link
09-Apr-20051st TeamAway vs HenburyW 4-1Link
16-Apr-20051st TeamAway vs Wotton RoversW 4-11Link
19-Apr-20051st TeamAway vs Sea Mills ParkW 7-03Link
23-Apr-20051st TeamHome vs Totterdown POBD 2-2Link
26-Apr-20051st TeamAway vs Longwell GreenD 2-21Link
02-May-20051st TeamAway vs EllwoodD 0-0Link
20-Aug-20051st TeamHome vs Kings StanleyL 2-0Link
27-Aug-20051st TeamAway vs Totterdown POBD 3-31Link
03-Sep-20051st TeamHome vs TavernersW 2-1Link
10-Sep-20051st TeamAway vs AXAW 2-0Link
17-Sep-20051st TeamHome vs DRG StapletonW 5-01Link
01-Oct-20051st TeamHome vs Totterdown POBW 2-11Link
08-Oct-20051st TeamAway vs Lydney TownL 4-21Link
15-Oct-20051st TeamHome vs Wotton RoversW 4-02Link
29-Oct-20051st TeamHome vs Sea Mills ParkW 7-11Link
05-Nov-20051st TeamAway vs TavernersW 5-11Link
12-Nov-20051st TeamHome vs ThornburyW 2-1Link
19-Nov-20051st TeamHome vs PatchwayL 1-0Link
10-Dec-20051st TeamHome vs Sea Mills ParkW 6-22Link
17-Dec-20051st TeamHome vs Totterdown POBW 5-1Link
07-Jan-20061st TeamAway vs EllwoodD 0-0Link
14-Jan-20061st TeamHome vs AXAW 2-1Link
21-Jan-20061st TeamAway vs DRG StapletonW 2-1Link
28-Jan-20061st TeamHome vs Lydney TownD 1-11Link
11-Feb-20061st TeamHome vs PucklechurchW 1-01Link
18-Feb-20061st TeamAway vs ThornburyL 2-1Link
25-Feb-20061st TeamHome vs EllwoodD 0-0Link
04-Mar-20061st TeamAway vs Kings StanleyW 3-2Link
18-Mar-20061st TeamAway vs Wotton RoversW 4-0Link
25-Mar-20061st TeamAway vs PatchwayW 3-01Link
29-Mar-20061st TeamAway vs AXAW 3-1Link
01-Apr-20061st TeamHome vs Yate Town ResW 2-01Link
08-Apr-20061st TeamAway vs PucklechurchW 4-01Link
12-Apr-20061st TeamNeutral vs Lydney TownW 1-0Link
15-Apr-20061st TeamHome vs HardwickeW 3-21Link
17-Apr-20061st TeamAway vs Roman GlassW 2-1Link
22-Apr-20061st TeamHome vs HenburyW 1-0Link
25-Apr-20061st TeamHome vs Roman GlassL 2-11Link
29-Apr-20061st TeamAway vs Yate Town ResD 1-11Link
01-May-20061st TeamHome vs TavernersL 1-0Link
12-Nov-20111st TeamHome vs Shaftesbury W 3-0Link
10-Dec-20111st TeamHome vs Brimsham GreenW 6-11Link
14-Jan-20121st TeamAway vs OlvestonW 1-0Link
21-Jan-20121st TeamHome vs Old SodburyL 3-21Link
15-Feb-20121st TeamAway vs Manor FarmL 4-0Link
25-Feb-20121st TeamAway vs BocoD 1-1Link
03-Mar-20121st TeamHome vs Henbury ResW 6-11Link
10-Mar-20121st TeamHome vs Oldland ReservesW 3-1Link
17-Mar-20121st TeamAway vs Shaftesbury W 1-01Link
31-Mar-20121st TeamAway vs Henbury ResL 3-2Link
07-Apr-20121st TeamHome vs Seymour United W 3-1Link
10-Apr-20121st TeamHome vs GreyfriarsD 1-1Link
14-Apr-20121st TeamAway vs Brimsham GreenW 3-2Link
21-Apr-20121st TeamAway vs FramptonD 3-32Link
28-Apr-20121st TeamHome vs FramptonW 4-11Link
01-May-20121st TeamHome vs Made for EverW 5-2Link
20-Oct-20121st TeamHome vs FramptonW 4-11Link
03-Nov-20121st TeamAway vs Brimsham GreenW 5-01Link
17-Nov-20121st TeamAway vs Seymour United W 5-31Link
08-Dec-20121st TeamHome vs Eden GroveW 2-1Link
26-Jan-20131st TeamHome vs Manor FarmW 4-01Link
12-Feb-20131st TeamAway vs Manor FarmW 3-23Link
23-Feb-20131st TeamHome vs Brimsham GreenW 3-0Link
02-Mar-20131st TeamHome vs OlvestonW 3-2Link
09-Mar-20131st TeamHome vs Bris CricketersW 3-0Link
30-Mar-20131st TeamHome vs GreyfriarsW 5-11Link
18-Apr-20131st TeamAway vs FramptonD 2-2Link
23-Apr-20131st TeamNeutral vs Little StokeW 1-01Link
27-Apr-20131st TeamAway vs Henbury ResD 1-1Link
02-May-20131st TeamAway vs Made for EverW 7-12Link
03-Sep-20131st TeamHome vs Long Green ResL 2-1Link
07-Sep-20131st TeamHome vs Bitton ResW 4-01Link
11-Sep-20131st TeamAway vs Nicholas WanderersW 2-11Link
05-Oct-20131st TeamAway vs RMC WickW 4-1Link
12-Oct-20131st TeamAway vs Cribbs FL ResW 2-11Link
19-Oct-20131st TeamHome vs LebeqW 2-1Link
16-Nov-20131st TeamAway vs Winterbourne ResL 3-1Link
23-Nov-20131st TeamHome vs Nicholas WanderersW 3-0Link
30-Nov-20131st TeamAway vs DRG FrenchayW 6-01Link
02-Sep-20141st TeamHome vs Old SodburyL 2-1Link
06-Sep-20141st TeamHome vs Shaftesbury D 3-3Link
10-Sep-20141st TeamAway vs Nicholas WanderersL 3-1Link
27-Sep-20141st TeamHome vs Winterbourne ResW 3-0Link
04-Oct-20141st TeamAway vs Eden GroveW 3-2Link
11-Oct-20141st TeamAway vs LebeqW 3-2Link
18-Oct-20141st TeamHome vs TotterdownW 3-0Link
01-Nov-20141st TeamAway vs Shaftesbury W 3-0Link
15-Nov-20141st TeamHome vs Nicholas WanderersW 5-0Link
29-Nov-20141st TeamAway vs LebeqW 5-1Link
06-Dec-20141st TeamAway vs Winterbourne ResW 1-0Link
13-Dec-20141st TeamHome vs OlvestonW 3-0Link
20-Dec-20141st TeamAway vs Cribbs FL ResW 5-1Link
10-Jan-20151st TeamAway vs FramptonW 3-1Link
17-Jan-20151st TeamHome vs Boco ResW 2-1Link
24-Jan-20151st TeamAway vs OlvestonW 4-0Link
31-Jan-20151st TeamAway vs TotterdownW 5-1Link
07-Feb-20151st TeamHome vs LebeqW 4-21Link
14-Feb-20151st TeamAway vs Old GeorgiansW 2-1Link
21-Feb-20151st TeamHome vs Sea Mills ParkW 4-2Link
14-Mar-20151st TeamAway vs Long Green ResL 4-22Link
21-Mar-20151st TeamHome vs Bitton ResL 4-2Link
04-Apr-20151st TeamHome vs Cribbs FL ResW 3-0Link
11-Apr-20151st TeamAway vs Shaftesbury W 5-0Link
16-Apr-20151st TeamAway vs RMC WickW 2-1Link
18-Apr-20151st TeamHome vs RMC WickW 3-0Link
21-Apr-20151st TeamNeutral vs TotterdownL 1-0Link
25-Apr-20151st TeamAway vs Mendip UtdL 1-0Link
28-Apr-20151st TeamHome vs Eden GroveW 5-01Link
09-May-20151st TeamAway vs Hallen ResW 2-0Link
02-Sep-20151st TeamHome vs Old SodburyW 3-2Link
05-Sep-20151st TeamHome vs Manor FarmD 3-3Link
12-Sep-20151st TeamAway vs OlvestonD 1-1Link
Summary - Games Played by Michael Jenkins

The team record in respect of the games that Michael Jenkins has played in is as below:

PlayedWinsDrawsDefeatsWin %
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